José G. González

About Communicating Science to Bicultural and Bilingual Audiences

  1. Science has its own culture. Recognize the inherent limitations and structure of academia and the scientific community as a culture — e.g. jargon, scholarly prestige, foundation in Anglo-American world-views — and bridge that with the audience and culture you are communicating to.
  2. Demographics are not reversing! Embrace the ongoing shift in cultural diversity in the United States. Learn the contexts and nuances that make each culture and subculture unique.
  3. Take a cultural lens to science. Examining scientists in the context of their culture can add value to how we understand science — e.g. Who does science? How does a scientist’s cultural experience shape their approach/vision? How is this different say for the the American Latino audience versus how science is communicated in Latin America? (Editor: “What a doctor/scientist looks like”)



José G. González is the founder of Latino Outdoors and Conservation Cultura. Follow @JoseBilingue

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