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This page presents archived content from “Communicating Ciencia: Adapting to the Changing Faces and Voices of Mass Media” prepared for ScienceWriters2016 in San Antonio, Texas.

About Communicating Science to Bicultural and Bilingual Audiences

  1. Science may be your reader’s Third Language. If English is your Second Language, you now have yet another language to learn — the language of science. So break down jargon, and more importantly, create a “comfort zone” for learning and understanding a concept.
  2. Give science a place in your reader’s world. Not every reader is a STEM enthusiast or scholar, but they are informed citizens who make life decisions (e.g. healthcare, family, home maintenance). Create context that lets them say: “Science has a place in my world.”
  3. Start with kids! Make the science relatable to the children among your audience — it will often reveal the fundamental contexts, norms, and pop references that also extend to adults.


Robin Gose EdD is Executive Director of MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation in Santa Barbara, California, and at the time of #SciWri16 was the Director of Education at The Thinkery in Austin, Texas. 

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