Claudia Pineda Tibbs

About Communicating Science to Bicultural and Bilingual Audiences

  1. Activate connections. Identify your audience’s personal context — cultural, geographical, etc. Give them ways to be engaged beyond classroom walls and their community — use technology meaningfully (e.g. social media), or identify their preferred mode of idea sharing (e.g. word of mouth)
  2. Break down industry vocabulary. Communicating in simple ways is key in any language.
  3. Partner with a Museum or Informal Science Center. Your skills as a science writer can complement that of public education specialists at your local science center, and vice versa. Learn from those who have been trained in outreach and education to understand best practices for inclusivity and bridging cultural contexts.



  • La Onda Verde | Informando a la comunidad de habla hispana sobre temas ecológicos
  • Tu Monterey Bay Aquarium | La red social del Monterey Bay Aquarium. Nuestra misión es inspirar conservación del océano.


Claudia Pineda Tibbs is a bilingual communicator who works as Conservation & Science Planning and Operations Manager at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Follow @LaEcoLatina

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